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A Tale of Two Princes

Openly supporting Sarah Anne Wilder: Clyde, Dawn Nakada, Suzanne Cohen, Ted Winters, Amanda Miles

Openly supporting Cedric Antonio: Leslie Whitaker, Cecil DeMint, Demetria, Vanessa Vale, Gus, Sammy

The City

There are around 7 million people in the San Francisco metro area, and just shy of a million living in the city proper. It is a center of banking, tourism and culture, and is both a city and a county unto itself.

Points of interest

Alcatraz, The Asian Art Museum, California Academy of Sciences, The De Young Museum, The Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39


The Castro, Chinatown, The Financial District, Golden Gate Park, Haight-Ashbury, Bayview-Hunters Point, The Mission District, Nob Hill, The Presidio, South San Francisco, The Sunset District, The Tenderloin, The Waterfront


Death Guild, Isotope Comic Book Lounge, Jade Dragon Territory, Oleander’s, Praetorian Security, Saint Brigid’s Church, The Sword and Rose, Vandal Records, Vessel, The Warehouse

Outside the City

Berkeley, Daly City, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin County, Oakland, Richmond, San Jose, Silicon Valley

Riot-O-Meter level: YELLOW

The Factions

The Camarilla

…has taken the city, and spent the last month or so solidifying their control. Word on the street is…very quiet, unless you have access to Elysium and are in the know.

Brujah, Malkavians, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue

The Six Traditions of the Sect


…are mostly scattered, destroyed or in hiding. No anarch leaders are known to remain in the city, and a number of them are presumed destroyed, torporized or captured.

Independent Clans

Major representatives of the independent clans, apart from the Assamites and Gangrel, are not present. The Assamite and Gangrel representatives are allied with the Camarilla, as far as anyone knows, and were instrumental in taking the city. The Giovanni do have a presence in the city, and are rumored to control parts of both Chinatown and the financial district downtown.

Assamites, Bloodlines, Gangrel, Giovanni, Ravnos, Setites
Independent Paths of Enlightenment

The Sabbat

The other major sect of vampires, the Sabbat encourages its members to give themselves over to the Beast, reveling in their inhumanity. Members of the Camarilla fear the Sabbat, and interacting with its members is justification for a Blood Hunt in some cities. There are no known Sabbat members in San Francisco. The nearest Sabbat-held city is Stockton, CA.

Lasombra, Tzimisce
Sabbat Paths of Enlightenment

The Others

There are Asian Bloodlines of some of the Clans of kindred, primarily found on that continent but some are scattered throughout the US, particularly on the west coast.

More than vampires stalk the nights in San Francisco. Some have claimed large parts of Chinatown – another controls a chunk of territory in and around Nob Hill. Some hunt the Tenderloin district for sustenance; others arise out of the cold waters of the Bay.

It has long been local wisdom that kindred are not welcome in many sections of Chinatown, though reasons for this differ. Some assume it is just because the area is so densely populated by people who know often know each other than neighbors do in an average American city, or cultural differences (if you don’t speak Cantonese or at least Mandarin, hunting will be tough). Others have stories of…things…in Chinatown for which they can’t account.

The Region

San Francisco is a city connected to many other nearby cities – Oakland, Richmond, San Rafael, San Jose and others. Some are independent, while others are fiefdoms of whoever rules San Francisco itself.

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