San Jose

Only about an hour south of San Francisco, San Jose does not have a Prince of its own, but functions as a fiefdom of San Francisco. Once the kindred there became aware of the fall of San Francisco, they sent a delegation to the city to avoid being destroyed themselves. SJ has always been a haven of Brujah and Toreador and, until recently, Ravnos.

Kindred passing through can easily find out that others of their kind might be found at the club Kismet.

The kindred of San Jose have a reputation for being incredibly tough. They regularly fight off incursions from the Sabbat trying to take the city, and those who can’t candle it are usually encouraged to make their home elsewhere. This includes Independents – they do not necessarily need to swear allegiance to the Camarilla, but they damn well better show up when it’s time to drive the Sabbat out.

San Jose currently has no Prince, but in the past it has had one. It as also an Anarch Barony for a time. The city is currently led by a Primogen Council, and technically answers to the Prince of San Francisco, only an hour away.

Current Members of the San Jose Primogen Council:

Vader, Brujah
Lucy Black, Nosferatu
Ronnie Malley, Ravnos/Caitiff
Kelly Osbourne, Toreador

San Jose

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