De Young Museum

Elysium, more commonly utilized. Daniel Verity is the Keeper of Elysium, responsible for managing who gets in and who gets out. As a result, certain kindred never visit. He is not always present, however, and when he is not, either Clyde or Norman take over the duty of keeping track of who is in and who is out.

The main and upper floors of the Museum are dedicated to the entrance, offices and exhibits. The lower two floors are filled with further offices, restoration areas, and storage rooms, some with very careful climate controls. The DeYoung hosts periodic evening events – otherwise it is open to kindred who know how to get in, but it is limited to security lighting for the various rooms above-ground. The periodic evening events cater either to Academic, High Society or Media types. Without Backgrounds or Merits in those areas, or some powerful Obfuscate, it is understood that those are not the nights to visit.

The De Young has its regulars:
Amanda Miles
Dawn Nakada
Devon Ross
Vanessa Vale
Norman Mathis
Sarah Anne Wilder
Suzanne Cohen

Each of them brings at least one or two attendant Ghouls.

De Young Museum

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