Now the most influential Setite in SF, re-appeared after the Camarilla takeover


Xorba “the Greek”
12th Generation

Social 9
Mental 7
Physical 5 (reduced)

Obfuscate 3
Presence 3
Serpentis 4

Path of Typhon 7 (needs to destroy a vampire in Golconda, cannot impede other Setites’ efforts)
Willpower 7
Herd 3 (lost)
Retainers 3 (lost)
+4 Street Control (lost)
+2 Underworld Influence (lost)


Until very recently, Xorba was an independent, working in the city when it was run by Anarchs. By all accounts, he and Benjamin Graham belong to different sub-sects of the Followers of Set, though they did not clash openly.

Now, Xorba’s influence seems much dimished, and it is unknown what happened to him during the past few months. Most assume he was simply laying low.

His current status is now known. He introduced himself at Elysium, but has not bid for membership in the Camarilla. Regardless, he is wisely avoiding Leslie Whitaker.


Xorba is very old – maybe old enough to be a priest of Ariadne, but he has followed serpent-cults from culture to culture in the Mediterranean, emigrating to America when it became safe enough, hoping to establish serpent-cults there.

Gus and Sammy found him one night and Sammy fed him blood to wake him up and then watched to see what happens. The two of them might be visible on their motorcycle when Xorba shows up, since Sammy can see him.

Xorba was opposed to Benjamin, representing two very distinct factions. The difference being, Xorba’s path prevented him from working against Benjamin, while Benjamin had no such restriction.

Ideally, Xorba could be the Setite Primogen of San Francisco, since he has reason to dislike both Neala and Jae. Benjamin could move to San Jose – although he will have to try to retake the Temple first from Gus and Sammy.


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