Scrappy Ned

Patron saint of the Tenderloin district


Scrappy Ned is a hunter

Physical 9
Mental 6
Social 4

Willpower 8

Layered, filthy armor (+1 health level, +1 soak to 5)
Baseball bat with nails in it 3 bashing to vampires
Molotov cocktail 2 health levels of fire per round, diff 6 to soak, 7 not to frenzy

Ned makes excellent use of fire, and others will sometimes come to his aid. He can’t do much more than seriously annoy, or frenzy, more powerful kindred. He wishes he could do more. He burns tons of willpower when in a fight and then takes days to recover.

-2 Alcoholism
-2 Hatred: Vampires


Scrappy Ned has caused trouble for kindred who have hunted or exploited people in the Tenderloin in the past. This is unfortunate because the Tenderloin has some of the best hunting grounds in the city.

At this point, he may even know a thing or two about vampires.

Scrappy Ned

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