Ming Hok

"Bright Crane", a sword-wielding teenage girl stalking Chinatown


Eye-witnesses have her beheading people in one swipe and running lightly over the tops of items on a shelf. She has also demonstrated the ability to imbue weapons with Yin Chi, enabling them to do more damage and even become sentient in a limited way.

Ming Hok as Xien
Yin: Hermit, Yang: Paladin
Court: Wu Xien (local)

Physical 8
Mental 6 (Perception 5 re lies)
Social 4 (Charisma +2 diff)

Yin 5/Yang 3
Di Tan (Alchemy dice-pool) 8 (Fortunes add dice)
Yugen 8
Tao 4 (for Nei Tan)

Metal Alchemy 3 (9 dice diff 6 or 7 diff 8)
1. Speak with metal spirit (9 diff 6) or metal soul (7 diff 8)
2. Awaken (9 diff 6)/calm (7 diff 8) metal soul (justice, honesty, fair play, Perception, Dexterity),
3. Travel through element – wires etc. (9 diff 6) boost element for combat (9 diff 6 add succ to dmg dice)
Nei Tan 2 (4 dice diff 6)
1. Small shapechanging, 2. Roll Tao for extra actions

True form: silvery skin, pure white eyes; Willpower diff 6 to avoid kow-towing each round (need successes = Yugen spent? No, just contested with Yugen roll)
+2 dice to Perception to search for lies (8 dice)
Auto-soak 4 damage from metal sources (normal soak is an additional 4)

Katana 7L, 8 dice (diff 9 called shot, wp, +2 damage, +4 damage from Alchemy)
-can also roll 9 diff 6 to add dice to Dexterity or Perception (!)

Dragon Nest (neighborhood shrines) 2
Fame 2
Pakua (Arcane) 3
Resources 1


Bright Crane, Ming Hok, is a Chinatown hero approaching legend. Her agenda is unknown, but she periodically leaves headless corpses in her wake.

Recently, she has become the target of various mercenaries and bounty-hunters in the region, with more than one significant price on her head, particularly from the Tongs. Thus far, she has left two headless corpses with silver cranes in their mouths.

Up and down the streets and the alleys where she stalks, people are putting out more and more offerings to her, thinking of her as the patron spirit of the neighborhood.

She recently became aware that there is an Akuma in the city – she had the pleasure of recovering her katana from him, and presumably they have unfinished business.

Ming Hok

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