Was the last significant Anarch left in the city - now she has new friends


MAlice is not an Elder by any means, but she is a Brujah baddass. There’s a reason no one attacked Vandal Records even though she openly defied the Camarilla.

Rebel/Eye of the Storm
11th Generation Brujah (Rash [DIABLERIZED]

Physical 10
Mental 6
Social 4

Celerity 3
Potence 2
Presence 2
Fortitude 1

Path of Cathari? 2
Willpower 5

Arsenal 2
Domain 2 (Vandal Records)
Herd 2 (anarchist punks)
Resources 1
Retainers 4 (mosh-pit punks and one student activist)
Sabbat Status 1

+2 Academic influence (Occupy Wall Street undergrads, Berkeley)
+2 Street Influence (black market, punk underground)


When the Camarilla came into town, MAlice locked and loaded. She was part of Rash’s group and fought alongside him. When he turned, though, she did not, and she still very openly bears a grudge.

She has begun hanging out at Death Guild regularly, and can sometimes be seen talking with Lucas Novak while there.


MAlice still defiantly havens beneath Vandal Records. Let them come and try to fucking find her! After her Creation Rites are complete, she will begin havening with Lucas beneath Death Guild. She, Ellie and Lucas have formed a “coterie”.

MAlice will probably either go down in flames or she will be recruited by Lucas into the Sabbat. She is currently fighting the Camarilla in small ways, and has a score to settle with Rash.


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