Julia deGrassi

petite martial artiste


4Dexterity-quick reflexes
4Brawl- martial arts (i am familiar with several kinds but my specialty is ba gua zhang which uses an opponents strength against them)
4Melee- I am familiar with many weapons but my favorite is the deer hook sword
2Retainers-Daniel, my second in command and Rachael who runs the dojo during the day and takes care of the business aspect.
1Ally-Head of Patrol division of police dept
1Contact-Gregory, Local mafia connection to help set up underground fights, also keeps an eye out for less than legally acquired antique weapons
Language-mandarin Chinese

prey exclusion-children
fear of heights

Celerity, Presence, and Auspex


I grew up in a somewhat rough neighborhood in the city. We usually had enough food to eat but there was never much money left over. Maybe that’s why my Dad never really cared for me. With four older brothers he didn’t really see the need for a fifth, or for a girl. My Mom did her best to make me a little lady but it was always my Dad’s approval I was after so I turned out a bit of a tom boy. I was always a little small so between my size and the fact that I was always hanging around my older brothers, I got picked on a lot….I guess it left me with a bit of a chip on my shoulder.
One day when we were running around, I accidentally knocked over this Chinese lady, MeiLi Zhao’s, food cart. Cabbages went flying everywhere. By the time I got home, she had already been to talk to my Mom and they had decided I should help her out a few hours a day for a week until I had made up for the cost of the ruined food. We ended up hitting it off right away. She had been forced to leave China for practicing martial arts when women weren’t allowed and she decided I would make an excellent pupil. I continued to spend time with her every day and no one really noticed my absence much. I guess it gave me an outlet for all my pent up anger and frustration so I began acting more “lady like” which made my Mom happy.
When I was 19 my Sensei died and I left home with a traveling “show”. It was really just me beating up large men and then any audience members who thought they could take me on. I traveled around for a while, even spent a year in China learning from a master there, but that’s another story.
One night after a fight, this guy approached me. I’d seen him around, always just kind of staring at me, kind of creepy, though pretty good looking. I figured he was going to offer to sweep me off my feet and save me from this life of fighting….I’d heard it before. He offered to buy me dinner and I rarely turned down a free meal. Next thing I knew, goodbye sunlight. Apparently he had heard a rumor I would be retiring soon and just couldn’t let a “creature of such exquisite grace” wither up and get old. He said when I fought, it was like a ballet.
My sire, Carter, was a lot like my Mom as it turns out. Trying to make me into their idealized version of me. I’m afraid I just wasn’t cut out for the “artiste” lifestyle. He always wanted me to use the “flashy” martial arts forms. I was eager to learn them but sometimes they just weren’t as practical. I guess I wasn’t able to completely avoid the artistic draw of my blood however, and I have a particular weakness for antique martial arts weapons. Usually I just display them with pride in my dojo.

Eventually we parted ways and I ended up back in San Fransisco where I wouldn’t bother the Camarilla and they wouldn’t bother me. I even opened up my own dojo. I am especially popular with women wanting to learn self defense and with kids. It still rubs me the wrong way to see kids being picked on, probably reminds me too much of myself. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been able to bring myself to feed on them.

Old habits die hard and I’m still involved in underground fighting, operating the largest ring in the area. I like to personally “interview” the new recruits. Partially to deflate their ego and partially to remind everyone that I’m still HBIC. They often think it’s a joke, until they get their asses handed to them by a 100lb girl. Lucky for me some of the local cops have a bit of a weakness for watching the fights. Of particular interest to me is my good friend David, head of the local patrol division of San Fran PD.

I keep a couple mortals around to take care of the daytime business stuff, and a few more on call for my personal needs. Mostly guys that didn’t quite make the cut for the ring. Once I convince them to come by for some one on one training it’s not hard to keep them coming back. My favorite mortal, though, is Daniel. He’s pretty much my right hand man and protegee. I’ve thought about embracing him one of these nights….maybe once things in the city calm down a bit.

Julia deGrassi

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