Devon Ross

Androgenous club-going elite with a growing following


Though ta does not do so in public, Devon makes regular use of advanced Presence. Dealing with it seems to be de rigeur for anyone who wants to interact with ta for any length of time.

Devon Ross

Social 9 (difficulty 8 to resist Majesty)
Mental 8
Physical 5

Auspex 4
Celerity 3
Presence 5

9th Generation
Domain 3
Fame 2
Herd 5
Resources 4
Retainers 3 (personal assistant, stylist, bodyguard)
Status 4

+4 High Society Control
+2 Media Influence
+2 University Influence

+1 Jae owes ta a Minor Boon


Devon Ross has been in and out of the SF club scene for years. S/he describes him/herself as “post gender”, and describes him/herself with the Chinese genderless pronoun “ta”.

Ta has a large following in the city and is something of a queer icon in the club-going, music and fashion world. Ta has never been politically active but ta does have a lot of friends in high places throughout the city.

Since _ta_’s return to the city, ta has become the Toreador Primogen under the new Prince, and now controls large areas of the Castro and Mission districts in the city.

ST’s Notes:

Devon havens in a mansion on Nob Hill, fostering a reputation as an eccentric recluse despite ta’s massive appeal and the sway ta holds over others. Devon’s Herd stays with ta at the mansion, and just know that ta is not to be disturbed once ta retires to her personal chambers for the day. Everyone there knows what ta is, but they never, will not, talk about it. Devon’s Herd is composed of many who moved to SF with r, all attractive, all artists or musicians or influential critics.

Ta mainly uses Majesty among regulars, as a precaution of sorts, but uses Entrancement and Awe constantly. Deep down, ta is insecure, and needs others telling ta how wonderful ta is.

Devon Ross

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