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This is the homepage for Secondhand Monsters, a Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle running in Columbia, MO. Navigation should be simple and straightforward, but feel free to comment or ask questions.

The way I use Obsidian Portal is simple – it is supplemental, and helps me keep track of things. What I mean by supplemental is that everything on this wiki is helpful for player-characters, but nothing on this wiki is necessary. I’ll have it open in-game and will use it to remind me of things that might slip my mind. You can do the same.

In the beginning, a lot of the entries will be very sparse. There is a lot more in the GM-only notes sections that you can’t see. As you learn more things, that information will migrate to where everyone can see it.

The basic premise:

Your city has recently been taken by the Camarilla. In the past, it has served as something of a haven. Technically it was an Anarch city, but the Camarilla has come back after a few years to reclaim it. You are all newly-minted monsters, which means you were beneath notice when the city fell. You fled, or hid, or fought ineffectually and survived. Now you have to figure out what to do next.

Real quick, some links:

Things you need to know about Character Creation
House Rules for this chronicle
A Glossary of terms from Vampire: the Masquerade in case you need it
The Traditions of the Camarilla

Secondhand Monsters

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