Stockton is about two hours east of San Francisco, and is different from it in nearly every way. It is a Sabbat-held city, bankrupt and crime-ridden. Not much is known about its inhabitants; if there are any independent or Camarilla spies functioning there, they aren’t talking about what they know.

Decades of Sabbat control in Stockton has led it to becoming a flagship Sabbat city – violence is automatically attributed to various gangs, and is overlooked unless it impacts affluent people, at which point all anyone wants is someone to pin the crime on.

Presumably, thousands of street-fighting adolescent gang-members provide plenty of fodder for Sabbat war parties sent to other cities. The Brujah antitribu are thought to be very powerful in the city, and as a result any Brujah newcomers are often treated with suspicion in the Bay Area.

Stockton is a trade crossroads despite its other problems. It is a hub of highways, freeways, a port, railways and water transport. This means that it is a great expansion hub for the Sabbat in the region.


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