There are three levels of each kind of influence: just plain Influence and then Control and finally Lock-down. Take Underworld as an example:

Underworld Influence (2pts): you can get meetings with movers and shakers in the underworld with some time and effort, and have some contacts who are in the black market. You can get your hands on some muscle as long as you can pay and it isn’t a suicide mission.

Underworld Control (4pts): you are a shot-caller, capo kind of person. You can probably get some muscle even for a suicide mission, and you can find out where big black market shipments will be.

Underworld Lock-down (7pts): you control the underworld in a given city. No one else can have anything more than Influence without your say-so or without defeating you in an Influence War. In a given night, you can access 3 or 4 points of various Backgrounds by calling in your favors, making threats and so on.

Areas of Influence

The areas of Influence in a given city are: Academic, Church, Healthcare, High Society, Financial, Industrial, Legal, Media, Occult, Political, Street, Underworld

Academic: influence ongoing research; access cutting-edge information; assistance with your own research; access university resources; hunt from impressionable coeds

Church: know about hunters and other threats; influence religious groups; embezzle from charities; create your own cult

Healthcare: get blood of course; get access to the morgue and the coroner’s office; meet and greet mental health patients; hunt from medical patients

High Society: hobnob with the rich and influential; set and influence trends; attend gallery openings; make or break neophyte politicians; hunt from celebrity sycophants

Financial: get cash; influence the fortunes of companies in a given city; hunt from high-rent hookers

Industrial: access warehouses and old factories; affect zoning laws in the city and use them to your advantage; get your hands on union organizers

Legal: influence law enforcement; bribe cops and find out who is being bribed by others; force an ‘early retirement’; tamper with ongoing investigations

Media: bury stories in the newspaper or television news (and later, official Internet outlets); influence pop culture trends

Occult: access occult texts; research rituals; identify occult writings and symbols; find information on other supernaturals

Political: affect the fortunes of various politicians; change existing laws or pass new local ordinances; hunt from party volunteers

Street: move invisibly among the homeless; find safe havens at night without any money; hunt from hookers and drug addicts and homeless crazy people; access contraband and black market stuff

Transportation: smuggle objects, people or kindred in or out of the city; arrange travel that caters to the special needs of kindred; know who is entering or leaving your city with those special considerations

Underworld: act like Scarface; access black market weapons and other items; get your hands on some no-questions-asked muscle


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