House Rules

Where not specified, we are using Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition

Some of these are house rules and some are new rules that came with the 20th Anniversary Edition that I’m putting up here for reference.









Character Creation

Shared Backgrounds



Backgrounds: Raising backgrounds costs the same as raising abilities. If you do significant things in-game to raise a background, then it costs 2 pts for the first dot and then current x 1. Like anything else, it has to be justified. Some backgrounds will just be given – for example, if you are acknowledged by the Camarilla, then that is a Status of 1, and you don’t have to buy that with xp. Same if your are inducted into the Black Hand, or if you diablerize a vampire and gain points of Generation as a result.

Influence: The three levels of influence can be bought for their listed cost in xp. So 2xp for Influence, 4 additional xp for Control, and 7 additional xp for Lock-Down. Of course, these must be justified. If you want to purchase Lock-Down in an influence area, you have to out-maneuver everyone else who has Control (4pts) in that area first.

Disciplines: Anyone can develop Fortitude or Potence, though you have to work on these in-game if they are not clan disciplines. You can also buy any clan discipline without training – though you can only buy the main Thaumaturgy or Necromancy paths (Blood and Sepulchre, respectively) without a mentor or access to a serious library. Non-clan disciplines have to be taught or gained through diablerie.

In all cases, advancements have to be justified, and you can only raise a particular attribute/ability/discipline/whatever once per session.

Combat and System

Initiative, split actions, dodge, white phosphorus, torpor, ranged and melee damage, combat maneuvers, diablerie

House Rules

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