Combat Maneuvers

Atemi: a precise strike executed against a pressure point, chi meridian or locus of blood/vitae (must have minimum Medicine 2 or Occult 2 or appropriate Lore 2) Dex + Brawl difficulty 9, Str +2 damage and your target loses one Chi or blood point, or you deal lethal damage to Mortals.

Bite: after a grapple, Dex + Brawl difficulty 5, Str +1 aggravated damage.

Choke/Joint lock: must be secured after a successful grapple, Dex or Str + Brawl difficulty 8. Choke deals Str + successes damage – when dmg exceeds Stamina, the person falls unconscious. Joint lock immobilizes that limb, and at any time you can deal Str + successes in lethal damage. The maximum damage is 3, at which point the limb is crippled.

Counter strike: you respond to an opponent’s strike with your own strike, both defending and dealing damage. Dex + Brawl difficulty 8, Str damage

Counter throw: this is a counter to a brawl attack. Dex + Brawl difficulty 8, and if you win, your opponent is prone and must soak one bashing for every success you won by.

Disarm: this is an attack. Dex + Brawl difficulty 9 or Dex + Melee difficulty 8. If your successes exceed opponent’s strength, they are disarmed. Your levels of Potence count to negate an opponent’s Potence or similar discipline.

Flying Kick: Dex + Brawl difficulty 9, Str + 3 damage

Ground strikes: against a downed opponent, your difficulty for maneuvers is -1

Haymaker/Spinning Kick/Flying Knee: Dex + Brawl difficulty 8, Str +2 damage

Head shot: Dex + Firearms difficulty 8, +2 L damage to vampires

Kick/Elbow strike: a kick at long range or an elbow strike at close range are very similar in effect. Dex + Brawl difficulty 7 Str +1 damage

Knockout: any attack can be aimed at a knockout at +2 difficulty. If the attack deals more damage than your opponent has Stamina, they are knocked unconscious temporarily. In combat, if you botch a soak roll, and it seems appropriate, you may be knocked out as well

Pinned strikes: when striking (or choking or joint-locking) a pinned opponent, your difficulties are at -2

Pin: when grappling a prone opponent, Str + Brawl difficulty 7 to hold them down and immobile.

Punch: Dex + Brawl difficulty 6

Throw: after a successful grapple maneuver, you can throw your opponent down for damage (or for no damage). Dex or Str + Brawl difficulty 7

In all cases, when grappling, advantage dice carry over – that is, a die for each success over 1. Successes rolled in defending, in that way, subtract from advantage dice.

Combat Maneuvers

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