Character Creation

Allowed clans and concepts

PCs for this game will be “outsiders” with regard to the Camarilla’s structure, and Sabbat structure as well. You are survivors of the conquest of an Anarch city by Camarilla forces. The main battles took place ‘over your heads’, and now for better or for worse, the more poweful vampires who might have supported you are ash, captured, torporized or have fled the city.

Appropriate ideas include: any committed or known Anarch, Assamites, Giovanni, Ravnos, Setites, Gangrel who openly left the Camarilla, refugees from the Sabbat, thin-blooded vampires, Caitiff and stranger bloodlines (with approval) like Gargoyles, Salubri, etc.

While you don’t have to be a moral paragon or anything, I’d like for this game to be roughly aimed at PCs who are fighting against their Beast and trying to do what they see as the right thing, whatever that happens to be. This isn’t a rule, just a preference.

Lastly, the PCs have to fit together somehow before the first session begins, or early in the first session. The obvious motivation for this is survival – united, you might be able to do your own thing or even become acknowledged by the Camarilla if you wish. Separately, the Sheriff and/or Scourge and/or any Elders or really anyone can just kill you on sight, seize your domain, take umbrage to the fact that you are hunting, and so on.

Virtues and Path score

Your Humanity or Path score can never exceed your Conscience/Conviction + Self-Control/Instinct. When you raise one of those two Virtues, you can also raise your Path score by one.

Your Willpower can never exceed your Self-Control/Instinct + Courage. When you raise one of those Virtues, you can also raise your Willpower by one. Note: you cannot raise both Path and Willpower from a single Virtue. That is, you can’t raise Self-Control and then raise both Path and Willpower.


V20 allows shared backgrounds, and also introduces one major new background: Domain.

1 A single, small building, like a family home or small establishment

2 A church, factory, mid-rise, warehouse or other large building with ready, easily-controllable access to the outside world

3 A high-rise, a city block, or an important intersection, offering concealment as well as controlled access

4 A sewer subsection, a network of service tunnels, the enclave of homes on a hill overlooking the city — a place with inherently protective features, such as an isolated mountain road, bridge-only access, or vigilant private security force.

5 An entire neighborhood, an ethnic subdivision like “Chinatown” or “Little Italy,” or a whole suburb.


Check out my house rules for influence.

Merits and Flaws

White Wolf has published a hundred billion Merits and Flaws in all of their books taken together. When possible, the most recently-published Merit or Flaw trumps older ones, but all Merits and Flaws need ST approval.

Character Creation

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