As before, Celerity provides extra actions in a combat round – one per level of Celerity, with a cost of one blood point per action taken. Levels of Celerity used for extra actions no longer count as extra dice.

Extra actions cannot be split, but rather use the full dice-pool. They must be physical, but can involve full movement, unlike normal split actions.

In combat, split actions take place at the same time as Celerity actions. So if I split my action three ways, and a Brujah spends a blood with Celerity 2 to take 2 additional actions, the actions will each happen at the same time. It’s just that the Celerity actions will be much more powerful.

In addition, each level of Celerity adds a die to all Dexterity-related dice-pools, including those used during extra Celerity actions.

For example, with Celerity 5, you can burn 3 blood points and take 3 extra actions, and you will also get 2 extra dice to any Dexterity rolls you make during that round.

As a rule of thumb, I assume that you can tell when someone is activating Celerity.


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