Part ghetto, part hipster enclave, part college town, part commune, part factory district and part tourist attraction, Berkeley is various kinds of crazy. In recent years south Asian immigrants have arrived in large numbers, leading to a lot of Indian and Pakistani families moving in. Berkeley is a place you are very likely to have a person with a PhD and dreads ask you for spare change.

Berkeley is widely believed to be inhabited by Malkavians, and many are thought to haven there, though this isn’t really verified. It just makes sense.

In 2004, during the Summer of Love and Blood, a number of Ravnos ‘Caitiff’ who had been secretly living in Berkeley went insane and started diablerizing everyone they could get their hands on. The Camarilla had to step in and intervene violently. It is unknown whether any Ravnos remain.

Historically Berkeley has been home to a hodgepodge of mortals, and the same is true of kindred and other supernaturals. The Setite Temple was located there, until invading Camarilla forces destroyed it and scattered the Setites themselves. Aside from small areas claimed by Gus and Sammy or Leilah, most of it is unclaimed at the moment, at least where the Camarilla is concerned.

The area around the Berkeley Zen Center has been reserved for Zoey, who is a probationary member of the Camarilla.


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