Tag: Kuei-Jin


  • Li-Quon

    Li Quon has entered the city seeking asylum, and presented himself to the Prince at Elysium. He was placed in the responsible care of newly-acknowledged 'coterie-mates' [[:jae-hwa-jin | Jae-Hwa Jin]], [[:julia-degrassi | Julia deGrassi]], and [[:neala- …

  • Xiao Jie

    Xiao Ma has taken on a new Lieutenant to help her lead and organize the Li Weng - Xiao Jie. She is half-Chinese, presumably from Hong Kong, but like Xiao Ma she has had a reputation in the underworld for a long time despite her apparent youth. No one 'in …

  • Hungry Ghost

    Not just a hungry ghost, but the Hungry Ghost, devouring those who fail to honor propriety and their ancestors.