She has never demonstrated any particular ability, but she has a calming presence, and doesn’t seem perturbed by anything.

Wu Zao/Salubri (Caitiff)
8th Generation

Physical 8
Social 8
Mental 8

Animalism 1
Auspex 5
Fortitude 4
Obeah 3
Celerity 1
Potence 1

Humanity 9 (Golconda; selfish actions)
Humane aura +1
Willpower 9

Fame 1 (excellent Zen teacher)
Herd 3 (willing, advanced students)
Resources 2 (begging, patrons)
Status 1

+2 Church Influence (Buddhist community)
+2 Travel Influence (open road)


Zoey is acknowledged in the city as probationary but is not part of city politics. Her domain is somewhere in Berkeley, and she is a devout Buddhist.


Zoey moved to San Francisco very quietly, hoping to continue to help others and perhaps find kindred who are ready to begin learning the path to Golconda, Like Norman Mathis In her past, she has trained in Aikido, Judo and Kenjitsu, but she does not use those anymore if she can possibly avoid it (Humanity 8 is harm). She havens at the Berkeley Zen Center, where the caretakers and monks/nuns have conferred and chosen to offer her sanctuary, believing she is some kind of Bodhisattva


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