Xiao Ma

A dangerous Chinatown power-broker who has been there a long time


Very little is known about Xiao Ma, except that she is not mortal.

Xia Ma
9th Generation Giovanni

Social 9
Mental 7
Physical 5

Dominate 4
Necromancy: The Corpse in the Monster (Yin Body Path) 5
-The Bone Path (Outer Yin Path) 3
Potence 2

Eldritch Beacon
Knowing Stone
Puppet (unwilling ghostly reception)
Nightmare Drums

Path of Bones 7 (postponing feeding)
Willpower 9

Cathayan Status 2
Domain 4
Fame 1 (Chinatown)
Herd 5 (unwilling)
Resources 5
Retainers 5 (Ghouled Li Weng members)

+2 Health Influence
+4 Legal Influence
+2 Occult Influence
+4 Transportation Control
+4 Street Influence
+2 Underworld Influence


Xiao Ma is the diminutive head of an organization known as the Li Weng operating in Chinatown as well as other parts of the city. Primarily Mandarin-speaking Chinese mainlanders, the Li Weng have money, muscle, bribed politicians and cops, and whole neighborhoods under their sway. They are a player in the gang situation amongst the Hua Qing and Joe Boys, and word is that their dai lo, “big brothers” who are out there recruiting, have something special to offer.

As for Xiao Ma, if anyone has ever survived fucking with her, no one has heard of it.


She havens beneath a very creepy Chinese herbal shop in the heart of Chinatown. The herbal shop supplies her and other occultists in the area, and has many layers of magical protection. THe shop has 3 mummified human corpses that come to life to defend it if called upon, or if certain wards are tripped.

She does her business in various parts of the city, but focuses on human trafficking.

Xiao Ma

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