Xiao Jie

Recent arrival in the Chinatown organized crime scene, "Little Miss"


Xiao Jie
Dharma: The Dance of the Thrashing Dragon (Yang)
Yin 3/Yang 4
Hun 3
P’o 3 (The Legalist)
Willpower 6

Physical 7
Social 8
Mental 8

Yang Prana
1. Principle of Motion: yang chi/extra action or +3 initiative
2. Yang Mantle: yang chi attune aura (attraction 7 dice); agg with wood weapon
1. Evaluate (8 dice)
2. Soul Bridge (8 dice) xtra social dice, surface thoughts

Fame 1 (Li Weng lieutenant)
Cathayan Status 2
Resources 4


Xiao Ma has taken on a new Lieutenant to help her lead and organize the Li Weng – Xiao Jie. She is half-Chinese, presumably from Hong Kong, but like Xiao Ma she has had a reputation in the underworld for a long time despite her apparent youth. No one ‘in the know’ believes she is entirely mundane.

While Xiao Ma relinquishes none of her traditional control, Xiao Jie has been charged with running her expansion into new territories and businesses.


Kuei-Jin, ally of Xiao Ma and the Li Weng

Agreed to begin working with Jae in avoiding conflict by divvying up territory between them.

Xiao Jie

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