Assamite sorcerer and Pack Leader of Idle Hands, a Black Hand cell


No one knows how Wazir learned Path of Blood Thaumaturgy, but he has since developed some ability with fire and weather control.

10th Assamite

Physical 7
Social 4
Mental 8

Auspex 3
Quietus 2
Thaumaturgy: Blood 4
-Fire 3
-Weather 2

Path of Blood 6
Willpower 9

1 Purify Blood, Blood Rush, Defense of the Sacred Haven
2 The Open Passage, Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion
3 Pavis of Foul Presence
4 Splinter Servant (8 dice, 4 damage, 5 rounds)

Black Hand 2
Status 2 (Leader)


He is the Pack Leader of Idle Hands, and among other things has a special hatred for the Tremere. Before the Tremere Antitribu disappeared, he was often at cross purposes with any he met.


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