Warren Atkins

Wendy is Cedric's Seneschal, and handles a lot of the day-to-day business of Princedom


Warren Atkins
Embraced while traveling with Cedric investigating Sarah Anne Wilder, looking for a way to depose her.

Physical 4
Social 6
Mental 8

Dominate 3
Fortitude 2
Potence 1
Presence 1

Humanity 8
Willpower 5

Status 2 (Seneschal)


Warren Atkins came to San Francisco, presumably, when Cedric returned after being driven out by the rising Anarchs. He is his Childe and a relatively new Embrace – clearly his protege. In SF his status is that of an Ancilla, though he may not hold that status in a city where her Sire was not the Prince.


Warren can only hunt from the erudite, but he also handles a lot of the technological concerns for Prince Cedric. He was a Computer Science and English Literature double-major, Ghouled by Cedric a few years ago in San Francisco to do what he does now, only he’s been promoted.

He’s really angry that he wasn’t asked whether he wanted to be an undead creature of the night.

Warren Atkins

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