Vanessa Vale

Paranoid Toreador in a relationship with V-Jack - has recently made herself scarce


Toreador Whip? Harpy? Both?

Social 8
Mental 6
Physical 4

Auspex 3
Celerity 1
Presence 3

10th Generation
Domain 2
Retainers 3 (and she is building up more – maybe hiring from Milliner and then the guys quit?)
Status 3 (Harpy)


Another new face in the city, but not seen very often far from core Camarilla territory. Vanessa is currently serving as a Harpy – seemingly grudgingly.

Since Leslie’s blow-up at Elysium, shouting about the Prince being an imposter, Vanessa has been nowhere to be found.


Vanessa Vale is eagerly seeking a new haven, something much more secure. Conversely, she might be willing to just haven with a baddass. It would be great if she approached V-Jack – yeah, I like that a lot. So, she now havens with V-Jack, and yeah, they’ve having vampire sex and are becoming mutually blood-bound, even though they’re a terrible match.

Toreador, had horrible experiences in the battle for SF, now is fixated on finding someone to keep her safe

Vanessa Vale

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