"The V is for violence."


V-Jack is a Brujah who is very large and very strong. He now also has a ton of guns, thanks to Thaddeus Milliner


Physical 8 (13 with Strength)
Social 6
Mental 4

Celerity 1
Potence 5
Presence 0

11th Generation
Humanity 6
Willpower 5

Resources 2
Status 2

+4 Huge size
-3 blood bound to Vanessa Vale


V-Jack came into the city to help take it, but even given that, he has nothing against Anarchs – he didn’t fight any of them unless they fought him. There are a few stories of how V-Jack contributed to the taking of the city, including him being involved in overwhelming some of the city’s more powerful leaders.

Rash, an Anarch convert, fought V-Jack and lost and was forced to flee.

That notwithstanding, V-Jack is angry given Rash’s sudden disappearance (and the firebombing of a bar that he frequented) and he’s out to find whoever would do that. It’s fine for Brujah to pound on each other, but no one pounds of Brujah and gets away with it…

Recently Thaddeus Milliner helped V-Jack get his hands on the bastard who diablerized Rash. V-Jack and Rash didn’t really even get along, but Brujah before Hoes is the rule.


V-Jack is a bit of a gear-head and wheel-man, and has a haven in the storeroom behind a custom repair shop at the south end of the city. They have a day shift and a night shift to work on cars, and he’s part of the night shift, though he isn’t always there. He makes money by taking bets for shows of strength (tickling the Masquerade) and the occasional street-fight (connection to the PCs). He recently had Vanessa ask haven with him, and she’s really hot, so he said yes.


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