Ted Winters

The aristocratic and effete Tremere Primogen and Reagent of San Francisco


8th Tremere Diabolist and Diablerie addict

Mental 9
Social 7
Physical 4

Auspex 3
Dominate 4
Thaumaturgy: Blood 4
-Movement 3
-Weather 2
Celerity 1
Fortitude 1
Potence 1
Presence 1

Addiction: Diablerie
Scziophrenia: Voices of those he’s eaten, particularly his own Childer

8th Generation
Humanity 3
Willpower 8

Domain 3
Herd 3
Occult Library 3
Resources 4
Retainers 5
Status 4


Winters is both Tremere Primogen and Regent of the San Francisco Chantry. He was instrumental in taking the city from the Anarchs, in part because of his access to a large number of ghouls, and in part because the Anarchs had no way to deal with, or prepare for, Thaumaturgical powers and rituals being used against them.


Ted Winters feels terrible when he diablerizes people – that’s why he tries to focus on his own Childer, and to Embrace terrible people. No matter how he feels, though, it is decaying his humanity.

Obviously, he havens in the Sword and Rose.

Winters will begin work on a Ward vs. Cathayans once they become apparent, and it will be completed at some dramatic point. He will also calculate whether to support Cedric, though presumably under Cedric’s rule, he would be more likely to be punished as a Diablerist.

Ted Winters

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