Suzanne Cohen

Always a powerful member of the Camarilla, helped with fallout in 2004


Suzanne is a powerful vampire, presumably an Elder. Her skill with Dominate has been very useful in handling fallout at various times in the city’s recent history.


Social 9
Mental 7
Physical 4

Auspex 3
Dominate 4
Obfuscate 3 (uses when she is in Fugue to appear as a hot party girl named Megan)
Dementation 1
Presence 1

Herd 3 (patients)
Resources 4
Status 4

Owed tons of Boons

9th Generation
Humanity 6
Willpower 7

+4 Academic Control
+4 Health Control
+2 Media Influence
+2 Legal Influence
+2 Political Influence


Suzanne was a powerful member of the Camarilla in 2004 during the Summer of Love and Blood, four years later when the city liberated itself under Anarch leadership, and is once again in the fold now that the Camarilla is running things again.

Suzanne is one Camarilla member who is willing to work with non-members, particularly when fixing Masquerade breaches. She doesn’t do this for free, of course, and she is owed a tremendous number of ‘favors’ as a result.

She is known to be a Malkavian, and she seems to break the stereotype of Malkavians as either lunatics or seers or both.


Suzanne knows that Sarah Anne is an imposter, but has chosen to go along with her chosen view of the world as a clan-mate. She believes in people being themselves more fully, and Suzanne allows for Malkavians in that theory sometimes.

The Malkavian Primogen who organized the clan and limited the fallout after the Summer of Love and Blood in 2004

Fugue, in which she is someone else, and her memories do not cross over from one to the other at all. Her fugue state is a wild hedonist who breathlessly seeks out danger and thrills named Megan.

Suzanne havens in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry where she has enough people convinced she is adjunct faculty that she receives a stipend as long as she publishes in academic journals regularly. At night she works with patients there undergoing treatment. Her methods are to use Conditioning to help them overcome compulsive behaviors and phobias. The result, though, is that they lose a lot of their self-will, and sort of follow her around as well as they can. While she works to perfect her theories and technique, she feeds from them, though never enough to hurt them long-term.

Megan often wakes up someplace compromising, sometimes to the burning of the sun, and Suzanne is un-reachable for a few days after while she cleans up her own mess thoroughly.

Suzanne Cohen

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