Sarah Anne Wilder

Classically beautiful Prince of San Francisco, still battling vestiges of Cedric's reign


Ms. Wilder is the new Prince of San Francisco, but what she is capable of is unknown.


Social 10
Mental 8
Physical 8

Auspex 4
Dominate 4
Obfuscate 4
Fortitude 2
Presence 2
Celerity 1

8th Generation
Willpower 8

Alternate Identity (Sarah Anne Wilder) 1
Domain 4 (a neo-classical mansion in Nob Hill and a swath of the financial district among others)
Herd 4 (she believes her feeding restriction is Mediterranean women, who she believs have ideal beauty)
Minions 4 (30 people in her long-term employment, Dominated)
Resources 5
Retainers 5 (all old – personal assistant, 2 bodyguards, daytime look-alike, stunning Greek beauty Gianna)
Status 5

+4 Financial Control
+2 Industrial Influence
+2 Legal Influence
+2 Media Influence
+2 Political Influence
+2 Transportation Influence
+2 Underworld Influence

Delusion: She is a Ventrue named Sarah Anne Wilder – uses Obfuscate to appear as Sarah and is not able to deal with the idea that she is not who she believes herself to be
-1 Diabolist, but only once, long ago


She did not take direct action in the fighting to take the city, but she quickly took charge once it was won. So far she has offered no amnesty for those who fought her, though a few have been able to join the Camarilla rather than be driven off or destroyed.

She is now in a period of consolidation, deciding which of her supporters will be allowed a new Embrace, and has just been forced to decide what to do about the destruction of Daniel Verity [DECEASED].


Malkavian Prince, believes she is a Ventrue named Sarah Anne Wilder, a fellow Primogen of Portland she diablerized long ago. She focuses on Dominate, and does not use Obfuscate openly. She obviously uses Auspex but doesn’t let on.

She is in fact Delphina Sarris, a Malkavian Elder and ex-Primogen from Portland. She has periodically taken on a new identity over time, moving from city to city, avoiding other more powerful elders who could see through her disguise. At least, Delphina Sarris was her last identity…(she has curly dark hair and Mediterranean Mediterranean features)

The Prince has a number of havens and safe-houses, of course, but her primary haven is a neo-classical mansion in Nob Hill – white, tall corinthian columns, lots of grounds for the city, guest house, etc., all fitted for the needs of a vampire, and inhabited by her double during the day.

Sarah Anne Wilder

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