A creepy little man who never speaks and is always seen with Gus


Sammy never speaks, but definitely knows more than he should.

Malkavian: Shared soul


Mental 9
Social 7
Physical 4

Auspex 4
Dementation 4
1. Amplify emotion 2. Hallucinations 3. Eyes of Chaos 4. Voice of Madness (fear or anger)
Dominate 2

+5 Dementation through telepathy

10th Generation
Humanity 4
Willpower 7

Domain 2
Herd 3 (mutes)

+4 Occult Control

Derangement: Hoarding occult paraphernalia – fetishism
Derangement: Mute/“Shared Soul”


Sammy is never seen apart from Gus, who speaks on his behalf at all times. Though Gus is far larger, Sammy seems to be running things.

No one knows what either of them does, or even wants.


Sammy havens beneath the building being built in place of Nile Imports, the perfect place for his hoard. The door to his actual sleeping chambers is beneath Gus’s heavy bed, and he also has a trapdoor to the rain sewer for emergencies. It is not very smart to haven here, but he could not resist the hoard.

He believes that sprit’s touch reveals that objects carry a part of a person’s soul, particularly occultically significant ones. He believes that if the objects are destroyed, the last part of their soul is destroyed, and they are gone forever. The world is built up of the souls of people who continue to be reincarnated. New things mean new souls – destroyed things mean souls send to oblivion.

He’ll be the one who finds Xorba’s torporized body.

Otherwise, Sammy spends a lot of time searching for other parts of his soul. With each person who turns out not to be it, he implants a suggestion or two that might come in handy later.


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