Rott, AKA "The Hound"


Rott is always hounded by a number of Ghouled animals.

12th Generation Nosferatu

Physical 8
Mental 6
Social 4

Animalism 2
Obfuscate 2
Potence 3

Humanity 4 (menace -1)
Willpower 5

Resources 1
Retainers 5 (Ghouled animals)
Status 2

+2 Bullygirl (helps out the Sheriff, Clyde when needed)
+3 Strong bite St +2
+3 Big gulp +1 blood point consumed

Rott havens hidden in the utility room of an animal shelter in the Sunset District. She shares her domain in the Presidio with Ellie Jameson and for her help in the taking of the city, she was granted grounds in Golden Gate Park. Her pets also help to patrol the Park and keep Elysium secure.


Rott came with the Camarilla, part of the invading force. She has trained her Ghouled animals to hunt kindred by smell. Her Ghouls help secure Elysium and some say she might be next in line as Keeper of Elysium if Daniel Verity continues to shirk his responsibilities.


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