Reilly Lonagan

Another regular at Oleander's, and a close friend of Quentin's


Reilly Lonagan
Leanhaun Sidhe

Physical 6
Social 8
Mental 6

Delusion 3
Sovereign 3
Wayfare 3

Glamour 7
Willpower 6
Banality 5

Holding 3
Remembrance 3 (Dragon’s Ire, bitches)
Title 3 (de-facto Baroness, though she still thinks of herself as a Knight)

+2 Academic (Art Institute of SF)
+2 Media Influence (mostly the art world)
+2 Occult Influence


Reilly is gorgeous and charming, easily commanding a room and making everyone either feel at ease or anxious to put her at ease. She has lived in the city her whole life, and lives the life of an indigent artistic type, seemingly living at Oleander’s bookstore much of the time, though she is also often out of town.

She has a reputation of being a seriously heartbreaker, and has left plenty of ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends shattered in her wake. She is also known to be an artistic Muse, and has inspired some masterpieces from some very disturbed individuals. She also works periodically as an adjunct professor at the Art Institute of San Francisco.


Reilly, like Quentin and their Selkie friend, are trying to survive Endless Winter together, nursing a small Balefire and Freehold below Oleander’s bookstore.

Reilly staves off the effects of Long Winter by, of course, Rhapsodying people regularly.

Reilly Lonagan

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