Brujah Anarch leader who joined the Camarilla when they won


Rash is good at the things you’d expect a Brujah to be good at. His signature weapon is a large folding straight razor.

10th Generation (or 1 lower than MAlice)

Physical 10
Social 6
Mental 4

Celerity 3
Potence 3
Presence 1

Humanity 5
Willpower 4

Street Influence taken by MAlice

Resources 2
Status 1

-2 Probationary Sect Member (ex-Anarch)


Before the Camarilla came, Rash was a powerful and popular Anarch leader who had been in the city for a few decades. When it became clear that the Anarchs and Independents could not resist the Camarilla onslaught, Rash and a few others chose to join them rather then be driven off or destroyed.

ST Notes:

Rash has been given shitty hunting grounds in the Sunset, and is often pretty hungry. He is havening in the basement of a foreclosed house that previously served as a drug crash-house before the police raided it and boarded it up. He’s at a desperate place – he can’t go back on the Camarilla without being killed, but he has also lost all of his Anarch contacts and status. Ripe for recruitment by Lucas or Molly, really.


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