Quentin Hardy

An accomplished cage-fighter popped for drug use



Physical 9 (soak 6)
Social 6
Mental 4

Metamorphosis 3
1. chameleon 2. impersonate 3. change size
Primal 4
1. whispers 2. element 3. armor 4. holly/heather

Glamour 5
Willpower 6
Banality 5 (base difficulty 9)

Allies 3 (Selkie, Leanhaun Knight, Oleander)
Dreamers 3 (others at his gym)
Resources 1
Retainer 1 (corner-man, has Dross-water for Heather-balm)
Unseelie Status 1 (squire)


Quentin is a known entity on the local circuit and nearly made it big before he was caught during a random drug-screening.


An Unseelie Satyr and Ally of Oleander, just put in as another Easter-egg for the Pit. His style is a combination of boxing and wrestling, and his method is to just relentlessly push the pace and make his opponents wilt.

Quentin Hardy

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