Pablo Garcia

Up from San Jose to take over operations in Oakland and Richmond for the Brujah, recently raised to (probationary?) Primogen


Pablo Garcia, “Trece Balas”
11th Generation Brujah (Vader’s Sire in San Jose)

Social 9
Mental 7
Physical 6

Celerity 3
Potence 2
Presence 4

Allies 3 (other Norteno under-bosses)
Fame 2 (Norteno shot-caller)
Herd 3
Resources 4
Retainers 6 (2 pts each for his three powerful Ghouls)
Status 2 (Ancilla)

+2 Legal Influence
+4 Street Control
+2 Underworld Influence


Pablo Garcia, AKA “Trece Balas”, has made a name for himself among the Nortenos in San Jose, and has transferred to Oakland. That much is pretty common knowledge – he doesn’t keep his affiliations a secret. The nortenos are a powerful and well-connected Latino gang – the largest in Oakland and in many northern California cities.

Among kindred, he is known in part for the three very powerful Ghouls he keeps – Castida, Prudenza and Misericordia. Their capabilities imply that they are much older than they appear.


Pablo has his haven in a housing project that is run by the Nortenos entirely in a neighborhood where the police don’t come in north Oakland. The last line of his defense is Sway, his bottom bitch, who is always around. She was his first Ghoul back when he was embraced by the Prince of Oakland.

Pablo Garcia

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