Omar Santiago

Omar is a Gangrel mercenary brought in to take SF


Omar Santiago
9th Generation

Physical 9
Mental 6
Social 4

Animalism 1
Fortitude 3
Protean 4 (jaguar [10 phys] and osprey)
Celerity 1

Path of the Feral Heart 7 (guilt over killing for other than sustenance)
Bearing: Menace
Willpower 6

Arsenal 3
Status 2

+2 Open Road


A big, gritty soldier of fortune type on a big customized chopper

Omar Santiago was a guerilla in Columbia, embraced by the Sabbat down there, sent north to fight the Camarilla, but he changed sides when got among vampires who weren’t freaky monsters. He misses Humanity but is still on the Path of the Feral Heart.

Havens in local parks using Earth Meld, otherwise rolls around in his customized chopper, built for limited off-roading and to be heavier than average and also bullet-resistant.

Omar Santiago

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