Haunts the Haight-Ashbury


Loner/Gallant (exotic dresser)

Physical 5
Social 6
Mental 9

Dominate 3
Mytherceria 3
1. Detect lies 2. Fae Sight 3. Absorb aura
Obtenebration 3
Thaumaturgy: Blood 1

Humanity 5
Willpower 8

Allies (Unseelie) 3
-Selkie sex addict; Leanhaun Knight; Satyr pit-fighter (PC connection)
Domain 1
Occult Library 3
Resources 3

+2 Academic Influence (Berkeley)
+2 Occult Influence (Changelings)
+2 Street Influence (entheogens)


Oleander is just an Easter Egg added to the game, and a potential source of lore if the PCs need it.

Oleander’s has some odd properties, partly due to the Faeire influence. Things like old Vampire-banes all working on the premises – garlic, stakes, crosses, running water, holy water, etc. thanks to the Leanhaun Sidhe who runs things.


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