Norman Mathis

Norman Mathis is a Tremere Ancilla and a bit of a nerd


10th Generation Tremere

Physical 6
Social 6
Mental 7

Auspex 2
Dominate 2
Thaumaturgy: Movement 3
-Blood 1
-Weather 2

Defense of the Sacred Haven
Dominoe of Life
Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion
Ward Versus Lupines (travel)

Humanity 7
Willpower 7

Resources 3
Status 2

+2 Academic Influence
+2 Occult Influence
+2 Transportation Influence


Normal Mathis, a transplant looking for a new start – a genuinely good person in the Tremere, and a tragedy waiting to happen

In love with Amanda Miles

Norman Mathis havens with the other Tremere at the Sword and Rose as it is being converted to full Chantry functionality. He’s not comfortable there, though, and is thinking of asking Amanda whether she would like to leave the city for someplace…better.

To hunt, Norman actually chats people up and gets to know them. He implants a suggestion if things don’t go right, that when the person tries to explain what happened, they’ll giggle uncontrollably.

Norman Mathis

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