Molly Milian

A teenage-seeming Caitiff who provides kindred tech support


Molly has demonstrated that she at least Obfuscate 2.

Molly Millian
14th Generation Caitiff

Mental 8
Physical 7
Social 3 (hot geek)

Fortitude 2
Kineticism 4
1 Dampen the force of incoming attacks
2 Redirect incoming attacks (5 successes sends it right back where it came from)
3 Damage taken adds to damage dealt
4 Discharge stored energy in her attacks (GAMBIT)
(5 = kinetic shield, dampens all incoming attacks)
Obfuscate 2

Path of Cathari 6
Bearing: Seduction
Willpower 6

Fame 1 (online, Millimo)
Herd 3 (horny geeks)
Resources 4
Status 1

+2 Blush of Health
+2 Eat Food
+1 Innocence
-4 14th Generation (roll d10 for blood, subtract 1)
+1 Tons of Minor Boons
+2 A Few Major Boons (Daniel Verity)

+2 Academic Influence
+2 Financial Influence
+2 Industrial Influence
+2 Media Influence


Molly came with an influx of Caitiff into the city once the Camarilla took it. She is trying to set herself up providing IT services for kindred who have been left behind by technology, sometimes centuries ago.

She is currently a regular at Death Guild and still spends a lot of the rest of her time at the Isotope Comic Book Lounge.


Sabbat Infiltrator

Would love to someday learn Vicissitude and combine it with cybernetic surgery and become like Molly Millions from Neuromancer. She is a geek overall, and uses her hotness to overcome her lack of real social skills. She helped to develop Kineticism and had Gambit in mind when she did.

She has totally accepted Jake’s challenge, and will continue hacking the shit out of Praetorian Security.

Molly havens alone, which is unusual for a Sabbat member, but she can’t be connected to Lucas Novak. The owner of Isotope Comic Book Lounge downtown has fallen in love with her, and has set up a place for her to haven in a locked storeroom beneath the shop. In return, she set him up with a dedicated T1 line, though she mostly benefits from that. She never hunts near Isotope, since she doesn’t want to lose her great deal with the mortal she’s using.

Molly Milian

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