Lucas Novak

A new arrival slowly establishing himself through ownership of Death Guild


Lucas has behaved as if he has at least Auspex 2, or some other way to see whether someone is a vampire or not by looking at them.

Tzimisce (“Malkavian”)

Social 8
Mental 8
Physical 6

Animalism 3 (Koldunic Sorcery?)
Auspex 3
Obfuscate 2
Vicissitude 3 (7 dice diff 7 to inflict lethal with Bonecraft, or 6+1succ)
Celerity 1
Potence 1

11th Generation
Path of Honorable Accord 6
Bearing: Devotion
Willpower 8

Alternate Identities 3
Resources 4 (from Molly)
Status 1
Sabbat Status 3 (Templar)


Lucas has recently re-opened Death Guild. As far as he is saying, kindred are welcome to the club and are welcome to hunt there, as long as they respect the Masquerade, or at least don’t violate it too profoundly. He has been distributing invitations to the club, and it seems that only lower-rung kindred have responded thus far.

Regulars at the club include Justin, MAlice, Neala Graham and Molly Milian.


Every night Lucas changes his face and checks into a new hotel room – nothing fancy, so fewer windows to black out. He has notes that he is keeping on who is in the city and what can be known about them in a locked box at the Amtrack station south of the city. He also carries digital photos on his phone, each one with a note to remind him of the name and basic identity, and to help him reconstruct the faces when he needs to. On his phone, Molly has also set up a custom encrypted gateway that houses the information the might need – names and phone numbers.

He will soon begin havening beneath Death Guild, but he will continue to use Vicissitude regularly to aid him in hiding and moving quietly through the city.

MAlice have to lay low. They have already put MAlice through the Creation Rites, and have practiced the Vaulderie, and will add Ellie once she has undergone Rites.

Lucas the Malkavian neonate is actually Lugozj the Tzimisce Black Hand infiltrator spying on behalf of the Sabbat. He is careful to be present at Elysium but not to draw a lot of attention. Lucas also has many aliases he goes by throughout the city – only his aura might give him away.

He knows the other Malkavians know who he is, but he doesn’t know why no one has said anything. it freaks him out, quietly

Lucas is a true believer – he believes that the Sabbat and its paths is the only way to keep the Beast at bay, and that it is the only way to ultimately triumph against the other Antediluvians as they rise (like the one did under New York – it’s still there)

The step of opening Death Guild is complete. MAlice had a good time, and will hopefully come back semi-regularly. He also noted that Jake, Thaddeus, Julia, Neala and Jae came and seemed to have a good time. He’ll be checking into them, and may move in the direction of attempted recruitment.

Lucas Novak

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