Leslie Whitaker

Some kind of Camarilla enforcer - clearly a monster


There are stories floating around – that she is very powerful, very hard to fight, and that her job is to make certain Kindred disappear permanently. She has shown that she strikes other people as…inhuman.

Ventrue archon and acting Scourge, loves torturing people to death
9th Ventrue

Physical 11
Social 7
Mental 5

Dominate 3
Fortitude 4
Presence 2
Auspex 2
Celerity 1
Potence 2
Thaumaturgy: Path of Torture 1

Resources 3
Retainers 4 (2 laborers, 2 fighters)
Status 4

+2 Media Influence
+2 Occult Influence
+4 Transportation Control

Humanity 1
Willpower 7

+1 Early Riser
-1 Infamy
+3 Infernal Investment: access to the Path of Torture
-2 Smells like sulfur
Feeding Restriction: someone in pain


Leslie Whitaker came into the city to assist in it’s takeover, and was subsequently made Scourge at her own request. She did some “cleanup” after the city was taken, and has since been patrolling and following up leads for any un-acknowledged kindred in the city.

She was seen at Jae’s otherwise very successful party, which may be a bad sign.

Leslie was instrumental in having Daniel Verity stripped of his position as Keeper of Elysium, and seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in doing so.

It has subsequently become relatively common knowledge, or at least common rumor, that she is a Ventrue Archon.


Havens in the Bayview-Hunter’s Point district in the southeast of the city in a storage warehouse that she has modified with soundproofing, cellphone signal-blocking, blocked off pipes and rain sewer systems (with steel grates), reinforced windows and doors, and blacked-out windows with mesh screens embedded. She brings people here to torture them to death for information, or just for fun.

Leslie will ally herself with Cedric Antonio when she learns that Sarah Anne Wilder is an impostor. If she doesn’t frenzy right off.

Leslie has Neala’s heart – until she trades it to Amanda Miles, that is, for an Infernal Investment. She now smells slightly of sulfur, but is also has access to the Thaumaturgical Path of Torture.

Leslie is happy with how things turned out – maybe she can just provoke these people to destroy each other? She is having trouble following Julia personally, and is trying to do so through intermediaries. Jae she loses track of unless she can track him herself somehow. Jake is eliminated, and Thaddeus is weakened and has gone to ground, at the cost of only one Ghoul. She sees Neala as vulnerable, and kind of wants to test her out.

Leslie Whitaker

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