An Assamite mercenary currently residing in the SF area


Leilah, Assamite mercenary (Muslim)
10th Generation

Mental 8
Physical 7
Social 5

(Lots of linguistics, and she uses Obfuscate 3 to help her with her North African Accent)

Celerity 3
Obfuscate 4
Quietus 3

Domain 3
Herd 2
Resources 3
Status 1


Leilah came to the city with the Camarilla – really, she was probably already there. As is often the case with Assamites, what exactly she did to contribute to the conquest is not commonly known. Her payment, however, was significant – so much so that she remains in the city, waiting to be paid in full. (Her payment is in Domain – she wants to set up shop in Berkeley and claim a large part of the city as her hunting grounds)

In the meantime, she is regularly present at Elysium, and presumably her services are available.


Leilah has been hired by [[:cedric-antonio | Cedric Antonio to assist in retaking the city from Sarah Anne Wilder. She is currently only carefully spying, knowing that Sarah, Suzanne and possibly others can see her even when Obfuscated.

Leilah has her haven in Berkeley in a basement apartment in a Sudanese tenement.

She is an observant Muslim, in her own way, and she stops to pray five times a night, always in private, except in Elysium, when she doesn’t really care if anyone sees her.


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