A plaything without a purpose


10th Generation Toreador, Childe of Devon Ross.

Social 8
Physical 7
Mental 5

Auspex 2
Celerity 4
Presence 3

Humanity 4 (falling under Molly’s influence)
Willpower 5

Status 2 (falling)
Herd 3 (drug addicts he’s Entranced)

+2 High Society Influence
+2 Street Influence

-3 Owes Gordon Gray a Blood Boon
-2 Addict: hallucinogens (psychological)


Justin is Devon Ross’s only known Childe, though he has long since left her shadow. They are rumored to have had a romantic relationship in the past, but they are almost never seen together any longer.

Like Devon, Justin is a permanent fixture in the club scene. Unlike Devon, Justin is prone to profound over-indulgence, and periodically makes an embarrassing appearance in Elysium, inebriated out of his mind.


Molly Milian may look into recruiting him – working on his anger and enabling his hedonism, reinforcing that and corrupting him a’ la the Path of Cathari.

Justin should become a regular at Death Guild, and ultimately will be offered the Creation Rites to join Molly and Lucas and MAlice as a “coterie”. He will subsequently begin to change, being corrupted, and it will be noticed. He’ll have to avoid Devon studiously.

Justin is living dangerously, and havens wherever he lands with whichever drug addict he is drawing blood from on a given night. He’s not just a user, but he has Auspex active when he uses, heightened senses and aura perception increasing the high for him many times over. This helps him get further with less.

Occasionally he wakes up as the sun rises in a bad situation and has to make a dash for safety. This has led to a Masquerade breach already which had to be covered up.

Molly is trying to encourage him to just haven at Death Guild.


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