Ilario Genovese

Replacing Thaddeus Milliner as the Giovanni representative in San Francisco


Ilario Genovese
William’s 1pt Enemy
12th Giovanni

Physical 5
Social 8
Mental 6

Dominate 3
Necromancy: Bone Path 3 (shambling hordes)
Potence 2

Path of Bones 5 (refusing to kill; 6 succumbing to frenzy)
Willpower 6

Ally 1 (Ardente)
Resources 4
Retainers 3 (wraith, Deuces)
Status 2 (Giovanni/Independent)

+2 Financial Influence
+2 Legal Influence (dirty cops)
+2 Underworld Influence


In the month after the apparent destruction of Thaddeus Milliner [DECEASED] and Jake Barlowe [DECEASED], Ilario has been brought into San Francisco to try to pick up the pieces and re-establish the clan’s presence in the city.

His name is Genovese and he’s from Las Vegas, meaning he is connected to one of the most famous crime families in that city.


Currently havening in a modified high-class hotel room downtown and trying to determine what his territory can and should be. May move headquarters to Marin County or even Oakland, though Italian gangs just aren’t very influential here.

Over time he will recruit Content Not Found: ardente, but ultimately the thing he will deliver is that he will determine that William is not the man he is after (threatening William’s Alternate Identity).

Ilario Genovese

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