Hungry Ghost

"Egui" in Mandarin


All who know of Hungry Ghost fear its power.

Hungry Ghost is the leader of the Kue-Jin in San Francisco. It is a very powerful KJ that has jumped from body to body for generations.

Egui/Hungry Ghost
Yin 6
Yang 4
Hun 4
P’o 5

Physical 9
Social 10
Mental 8

Yin Prana 4
1. 1 Yin for basic invis. in darkness, moving slowly
2. 1 Yin to invoke: attune to metal to deal agg
3. A turn, then 1-3 Yin and dancing: lethargic; hypnotically suggestible (1 diffs); Will or slumber (2 diffs)
4. Yin for weapons and armor; 1 A dmg, 1 armor per Yin; 3 Yin to summon a demon (Phys 9, 5 health, agg)
Bone Shintai 5
1. 1 Yin per 2 extra health
2. 1 in invis., 1 yin for items too
3. (1Y) Talons, Bone Blade 2Y, Bone Armor, Visage 2Y, Key
4. 2 Yin 10×10 cloud of 6 dice of agg
5. 5chi and 5 turns; App 0, use level 3 powers at will

Dharma: 4
Willpower 8

Kuei-Jin Status 4


Not just a hungry ghost, but the Hungry Ghost, devouring those who fail to honor propriety and their ancestors.

Hungry Ghost

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