An enormous bodyguard for Sammy who also speaks on Sammy's behalf


Gus is enormous, even compared to very large people, and is never seen apart from Sammy. It is unknown what his status is – is he a Ghoul? Vampire? Something else?

Giant Caitiff

Physical 10
Mental 6
Social 4

Fortitude 3
Potence 3

13th Generation
Humanity 4
Willpower 7

Status 1
+2 Occult Influence (through Sammy)

2 Bruised health levels


Gus is Sammy’s enormous bodyguard. Gus and Sammy – they are a unit. A creepy, creepy unit. Both of them are some part of the vampire world, but it is unknown how exactly they fit in. They were in the city before the Camarilla came, and they seem to have lost no time in continuing to do…whatever it is that they do.

The two get around the city in an old-school WWII Harley-Davidson with sidecar, still painted dark military olive green – Gus drives and Sammy is in the sidecar.

It is possible that Gus and Sammy have already integrated themselves into the Camarilla. At the very least, they do not seem to be laying low.


Gus is an enormous Caitiff who Sammy has thoroughly mindfucked into sharing his derangement – that they are one person in two bodies. As such, they suffer each others’ perceived wound penalties, and if one frenzies, they’ll both frenzy.

Gus and Sammy haven in the building that is being constructed on the site of Nile Imports. It is clearly a place of occult power. Sammy and Gus have accumulated a lot of occult paraphernalia, artifacts and so on, which they are slowly moving in to their new digs. Gus sleeps such that the sole entrance to Sammy’s resting place is through a trapdoor beneath his incredibly heavy bed. There is a one-way trapdoor into Berkeley’s sewers, in case Sammy is trapped inside.


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