Gordon Gray

Ventrue Harpy and recently raised to Primogen; fabulous


Gordon can be seen using a subtle combination of Disciplines to keep those around him interested in him and listening to him. He does not seem to use these abilities on other kindred – at least not yet.

Gordon Gray
11th Gen Ventrue
Bon Vivant/Celebrant

Social 9
Physical 6
Mental 4

Dominate 3
Presence 3
Fortitude 2

Herd 4 (sexy men)
Resources 3
Retainers 2 (Mr. Gray’s personal assistant and undercover bodyguard)
Status 3
+2 Financial Influence
+2 High Society Influence
+2 Median Influence

Humanity 6
Willpower 6

+4 Clan Friendship: Toreador

Julia owes him a Major Boon


Still has a slight British accent, snappy dresser in an old-world, well-to-do style. Gordon is the life of whatever party he’s attending, or at least he thinks he is. He does seem to have a way with the handsome lads. He is one of the two Harpies in SF, and seems like the more functional one at this point.

Gordon was raised to the seat of Ventrue Primogen, though he is not as old or as influential as either Cedric Antonio or Leslie Whitaker. He is presumably still functioning as Harpy as well, though Vanessa Vale will be taking over more of those duties.

Gordon is one of the longer-term residents of San Francisco, though he does not talk about it much. He was present in the city under Cedric Antonio, though he is doing quite well with the new management.


Ventrue Harpy, British-born Blue Blood failed to make a bid for Primogen in San Jose – not tough enough.

Feeding limitation – only from handsome men. San Francisco works well for him. He’s a little bit slow, and always got by on his good looks and style. Has a custom fashion-design business

Gordon has agreed to vouch for Julia, do a little background checking and so on, for a Major Boon.

Havens in a small, upscale apartment down the street from the Castro Theater. He spends a lot of time, and blood, appearing mortal, and as a result spends a lot of time hunting. Forgetful Mind and Entrancement make this relatively easy.

Gordon Gray

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