Humpbacked with a frothy lisp and over-large red-stained teeth


Flea is older than he seems, and he has been active a long time. He is not actually a Nosferatu, but actually a Gangrel who has absorbed so many animalistic features that his Appearance dropped to a 0.

‘Nosferatu’ (Gangrel)
9th Generation

Physical 8
Social 6
Mental 6

Animalism 4
Fortitude 2
Obfuscate 2
Potence 1
Protean 1

Domain 3 (the Warrens beneath the city)
Herd 4 (tons of nocturnal animals all over the city)
Retainers 5 (creepy crawleys grown huge with vitae over the hears – 2pts for his “pet”)
Status 2

+1 Strong Bite: +1 damage (Str +2, reveals sharp mandibles)
-4 Plague Carrier – the literal bubonic plague, which periodically crops up in whatever city he’s living in.


Flea says that he speaks for the Nosferatu in the city, and one of them are disagreeing with him. There is currently no Nosferatu Primogen because Flea is the only one aspiring to the position, but he does not have the normal stature one would expect of a city’s clan leader. That is a double-entendre, because he is also a hunchback. He is currently on the Primogen Council, however, simply to represent Nosferatu interest in the city.

True to his namesake, Flea seems to have an infestation that just won’t go away. It goes beyond just fleas.

ST Notes:

SF has a combined rain and sewage system that is relatively old – some of it is brick-lined, and most of it lacks the walkways to either side that you might imagine. Everything is gathered in large tanks and is sent south to sewage treatment plants.

Meanwhile, Flea has his haven beneath the construction site for the Transbay Transit Center in the northeast of the city off the Embarcadero.


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