Ellie Jameson

A local Gangrel with territory in the Presidio, turned when the city turned


Ellie Jameson
11th Generation Gangrel
Thrill Seeker/Monster

Physical 7
Social 6
Mental 6

Animalism 2
Fortitude 3
Protean 3

Humanity 2
Willpower 5

Domain 1
Resources 1

+2 Blush of Health
+2 Health Influence (source of syringes and sedatives she uses to kidnap)
-4 Probationary Sect Member


Not a lot is known about Ellie. She presented herself to the Prince, became a Probationary Sect Member, and has only very occasionally been seen in Elysium since. She asked for, and received, a small hunting territory in the Presidio.

She was recently revealed to be kidnapping and hunting people in her territory, and one escaped. Leslie sent Neala after her, but Lucas convinced them to let him talk to her first. She has not been seen since.

ST Notes:

The most dangerous game

She will be recruited by Lucas Novak and will become a Sabbat member, joining the Path of the Feral Heart.

An intro to the PCs could be them being called on by Leslie to hunt her down, and while searching for her they run into Lucas and MAlice, also looking for her. They say they can take care of it, but please don’t destroy her. Tell Leslie you couldn’t find her. This is when they locate her and begin recruiting her. Lucas has a long talk with her, and later on she can be seen occasionally at Death Guild.

Ellie Jameson kidnaps people, brings them to the Presidio at night, explains that she is a vampire, a supernatural predator, and then releases them with a head-start and hunts them down.

Ellie havens in the Presidio in one of the many abandoned military housing units, in the basement or attic. She moves periodically to keep anyone from learning where she is by her habits. She is pushing her need for thrills farther and farther, allowing her prey to feel true hope of escape or rescue before she takes them, ideally within sight of other mortals.

This will lead to serious problems later, and the PCs may be called to bring her down.

Ellie Jameson

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