Drago is a powerful Tzimisce Elder, the utterly alien Priest of Sangre Realeza


Drago is a poweful practitioner of Vicissitude as well as Koldunism, and he is never taken by surprise.

7th Tzimisce

Physical 5 (8)
Social 7
Mental 10

Animalism 3
Auspex 4
Vicissitude 4
Koldunism: Way of Earth 5
Way of Fire 2

Path of Metamorphosis 8 (Inhumanity)
Willpower 10

Retainers 5 (Szlachta)
Sabbat Status 4 (Priest)


Drago is a powerful, and old, Tzimisce who was active in the Sabbat long before he became attached to Sebastian’s pack. He is inhuman – “he” is only an approximation, and he specializes in forcing information out of captives and manufacturing horrifying Ghouls.


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