Dawn Nakada


Dawn Nakada, Malkavian Archon in wake of Maris Streck’s destruction and clan chaos

Mental 9
Social 9
Physical 5

Auspex 4
Dementation 3
Dominate 2
Obfuscate 4

Retainers 4 (2 highly-trained ex-CIA operatives who shadow her)
Status 4 (1)
Domain 1

Humanity 6
Willpower 7

Derangements: dissociative blood-spending; blood animism

10th Generation
+2 Legal Influence
+4 Transportation Control


Dawn arrived around when the Camarilla did, though she didn’t take part in the fighting to anyone’s knowledge. Her appearance is that of a Japanese teenage girl.

In response to recent events, Dawn has revealed herself to be a Malkavian Archon assigned to the city to assist in the post-conquest organization.

Dawn Nakada havens in the storeroom of the National Japanese American Historical Society

Dawn Nakada

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